China-based Fit Tracker Manufacturing Company Chevytech

About Us

Chevytech is a certified large-scale producer of electronic devices, incorporating development and production jointly. The enterprise was set up in the year 2010, found in Shenzhen City, Guangdong province, PR China. It is thoroughly certified for industrial manufacturing, we also have a Industrial encrypted products production authorization, ISO Quality Control certificates, ISO9001 Environmental Management certification, including a certificate for high-tech corporations in Shenzhen The manufacturing managing is just in compliance with the ISO9001 quality management program and ISO14000 environmental management system and based on the particular highlights of the products, setting up Chevytech’s own managing model. Chevytech is furthermore identified itself by its reasonable talents pool, conjunction of both the Chinese and western culture and confluence of perception.

Our activity wristbands are developed to track and report your body details for example pulse rate, sleep quality along with other physique information as fitness trackers. We equally offer made to order tracker band solution.

Contact Us

Shenzhen Chevytech Co., Limited
Addr.: Room 9, Duhui Building, Huaqiao New Village, Xixiang Area, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China
TEL: 86-0755-23712123
Facsimile: + 86-0755-23712119
Web site:


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